We do it because it is one of the most incredible feelings to watch people discover, learn and cultivate their talents. Whether it is through observing, teaching or simply preparing a meal, this period of time is intoxicating and we are quiet frankly addicted to how great these workshops make us feel.


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Choosing the human side of the experience over trend for a stronger and more profound experience.

I could have continued the path of following trend, even leading it in food & styling photography but slowly I felt this pull for the people with flour on their aprons, dirt from the fields on their hands, the lines of on their face with the kindest welcoming smile. The woman chai vendor by the dock at sunrise, the potter down that dark alley in that village with no name. the fisher man working on his boat by the sea. That Nona making pasta in her garden for her grandchildren. It was there that i saw, my happiest place was in the incredible people in those places. I knew that if i could find away to share, more so connect people with each other against the stunning backdrop of new landscapes and culture that just maybe everyone could experience the true magic of travel.

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Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.


Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.

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