The Violin Orphanage by Attendee Ashleigh Hobson

"The Hill Workshop in Vermont was such an incredible experience. By building on the pre existing knowledge of our DSLRs and still image composition the instructors were able to provide a seamless transition into giving our stories motion through video. Everything about the workshop was so meticulously chosen from the locations, to the food, to the timeline, it was a gorgeous and easy setting to create in. I found myself not only learning from the instructors but networking and connecting with all the other attendees as well. Of course I was over the moon with the knowledge I gained about filmmaking, but really, the highlight of the workshop for me was the food, the meals, Nadia's hospitality; every meal she thoughtfully prepared was such a treat. This isn't a classroom lecture, you are not going to take notes on how to make films that look like the instructors, The Hill Workshops are a place to nourish your creativity, to provide you with the opportunity and the time to try out equipment, and styles, to find the voice you already have, and to make it move. "

                                                                                                                                Ashleigh Hobson